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             is an operating system designed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows software.

We use iso file from

After download we create virtual machine and start to install:

Now we can use ReactOS J


this is first day of: MikeOS
MikeOS is an operating system for x86 PCs, written in assembly language. It is a learning tool to show how simple 16-bit, real-mode OSes work, with well-commented code and extensive documentation. Features:
A text-mode dialog and menu-driven interface
Boots from a floppy disk, CD-ROM or USB key
Over 60 system calls for use by third-party programs
File manager, text editor, image viewer, games...
Includes a BASIC interpreter with 46 instructions
PC speaker sound and serial terminal connectionThe code is completely open source (under a BSD-like license), and is written by Mike Saunders and other developers.

To run with VM Player:
- Download zip file from
- Create new machine with option “Other”
After all we can use MikeOS  J